Teaching Staff

Sean McGowan - PGA Director of Golf

PGA Golf Professional / Director of Golf
[email protected]

For over 33 years, Sean has shared his love of the game by helping his students improve their golf games, notably on the course, where we're playing golf, not golf-swing. So let's learn on the slopes, not the flat range. There's more to golf than just swinging a club!

The short game is his specialty so if you really want to shave strokes, take a short game lesson. Sean's main focus is individual one-on-one instruction but also works well with small groups (2 or 3) students.

If you're struggling or want to improve your game, email Sean or give him a call at 503.324.4444

Rates: $80 per 45-minute lesson / $225 for a series of 3 lessons

Chris Terry - PGA Associate / PGA Coach

[email protected]

Short Game Wizard - If your short game is need of improvement, Chris is the instructor for you.

Playing Lesson / Course Management - looking for more than a driving range lesson, he does playing lessons to help youwith your course management while finding out your strengths and weaknesses for you to work on..


ylan Crowley

Operation36 Academy Director/Lead Instructor

Assistant Golf Professional

Outside Services Manager

[email protected]


Dylan has been in the golf industry for some time, starting with some instruction at Heron Lakes with John Bowen. John took an interest in Dylan and had him start at Heron Lakes in the golf shop, player services, and as an instructor. After working there, he found a position at Waverley Country Club in the golf operations, and then finally made the move to Quail Valley in 2021. Growing up, he was a talented soccer player but sustained injuries that halted his progression in college. Consequently, he embraced golf in his twenties as a new sport to excel at.


Dylan has been able to see and participate in varied golf operations and has honed his talents and interests during that time. He provides private lessons focusing on swing mechanics, chipping techniques, and putting. Additionally, he enjoys teaching both beginner and intermediate golfers sharing his passions for the sport. He serves as the Academy Director and Lead Instructor for the Operation36 Golf program, which offers juniors, ladies, and adult co-ed class options. Dylan also leads the “Future 36ers” class for 3–6-year-olds, which is a demographic that the west side of Portland could use more coaching in.


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